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On the western side of Mount Cook is the township of Fox Glacier, and that’s where you will find our great little school.

Our roll changes quite a bit, but at the moment there are just over 20 students here, learning in 2 classrooms. The Playgroup is also here at school, so some of us have been coming here since we were babies.

Principal Casper Kruger just moved to Fox this year to work at our school. Mr Kruger teaches in Room 1 except when he is busy doing Principal stuff. Mrs Lisa Bron teaches Room 1 when Mr Kruger is in the office. Ms Lisa Brady teaches in Room 2.

See the kea in our school logo? Keas are mountain parrots. They’re mostly green, and quite large. They are intelligent and curious, just like us. Keas aren’t dangerous, but we don’t want them to become tame or dependent on humans, so please don’t feed them!

Weheka? Weheka is the original name of the Cook River, which flows from Mt Cook out to the Tasman Sea. The township and school sit on the plain created by this river. In 1879 explorer Julius von Haast described Weheka as “the most important river on this part of the coast”


Fox Glacier/Weheka School...

quote of the day

“we show respect, we focus on excellence, we are curious, we want to learn and we have a great sense of community”

Education Review Office 2015